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About Natalya

Natalya is the founder of “Secret Feminine Power,” an educational and practical anatomy-based coaching program to help women reclaim their femininity and create meaningful relationships. Over the years, she has created an exclusive coaching model that combines modern psycho-technologies with ancient somatic practices for transpersonal development.

With a background of international training and professional work in tantra and hypnotherapy for the correction of sexual dysfunction, Natalya teaches business professionals how to raise and transmute energy for activation of inner power, healing traumas, and achieving success. She is passionate about helping couples learn the art of sensual touch, increase sexual pleasure, and fall in love again through reconnecting with their deeper intimacy.

Natalya partners with the Connection Coalition to provide trauma-informed yoga programs for women in recovery and safe houses. When she is not busy teaching, Natalya enjoys dancing, meditating, and discovering the magic of Miami’s sunny beaches – a perfect expression of her motto “make love to life today.”

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